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Seamless surface protection and waterproofing systems

The product sets as a single full-bonded membrane with no joints or seams.



What is a tough flexible coating?

• Its unique formula provides extreme elasticity and over

95% memory recovery, allowing for excessive movement

•  is ideal for over coating most substrates including concrete, corrugated iron, galvanized steel, fibre cement, metal and insulation boards for both pitched roofs and flat roofs

• Cures into a seamless membrane with:

– Waterproofing ability

– Corrosion resistance

– Chemical Resistance

– Encapsulation

Key Benefits

• Seamless rubber membrane waterproofing

• Cures into any shape and corner

– Rust inhibiting

– No joints

• High-build

• Crack resistant

• Weather resistant

• Fully bonds to substrate

• Multiple application methods

• Ideal for complex roofs and detailing

• Withstands thermal cycling

• Puncture resistant

Resistant To Damage Caused By

  • UV exposure
  • Exposure to industrial chemicals
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Acid rain
  • Soil and airborne contaminates

Brush and Trowel

Brush and Trowel is our recommended application method for projects of fewer than 250m2• This method typically comprises of a 2 to 3 coat application of High Build leaving a 2mm thick coating.  High Build is also used for all detailing required on a project, regardless of application method.

Spray Applied Instant Set

Spray Applied is used on projects over 250m> or where specified over brush and trowel grade. It is applied by an approved applicator with a spray team.

Unlike other conventional waterproofing, the benefit of this application is that it increases worker- and environmental safety, since there is no open flame.

All products are water-based. These products are both worker and environmentally safe. They are available for commercial, industrial and residential applications, and for roofs, foundations and concrete structure protection

These products provide a durable and seamless cost effective solution for waterproofing systems for various applications


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