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Roof leak repairs




Help! My Roof Is Leaking!

This is a problem that many of us have faced at least once in our lives – a problem that has the potential to develop into an absolute nightmare. Serious interior damage can occur from a leaky roof, in the form of mould, damaged plastering or even severe structural weakness and failure. Worse still, these problems can linger long after the actual repair has been made.

One of the greatest challenges is in finding the source of the leak – in many cases the source of the leak does not match up with where the leak appears inside. This can lead to a tremendous amount of frustration for you, the homeowner. This is where you need professional help…

Roof Leak Buster to the Rescue!

We are a plumbing and roofing company situated in Kempton Park, on Gauteng’s East Rand. Apart from our plumbing maintenance and repairs services, we are also experts in detecting and repairing roof leaks, as well as applying measures to prevent future leaks.

As a sister company to Drain Buster CC, we have already established a solid reputation amongst our clients as a reliable and professional company that offers the very best service and products.

Roof Repairs And Coatings Are Our Specialty

Roof coatings are fully bonded, fluid-applied roofing membranes, with elastic properties that allow them to stretch without any damage. A Roof coating in effect becomes the top layer of a composite roof membrane and therefore offers protection against damaging UV rays and rain. Since they are seamless, correctly installed roof coatings can solve roof leaks on almost any type of roofing material. They can also dramatically decrease energy bills by deflecting sunlight, thereby keeping the roof surface cool.


Did you know… that the main causes of leaking roofs are:

Broken or cracked tiles

Damaged waterproofing membrane (DPC)

Rusted screws and bolts

Sun damaged waterproofing

Total Customer Satisfaction

Total Customse Satisfaction is our goal. It is our motto – it is the code that we live by. We will always review and improve our service, as we strive to broaden our clientele base through competitive rates and efficient workmanship.

We service the whole of the Gauteng region and it is our promise to respond promptly to any and all queries.

There are a few different types of roof coatings that are popular, such as:

Acrylic – Water-based acrylic roof coatings are both easy to use and environmentally friendly

Polyurethane – Highly durable and protect against a wide variety of conditions

Silicone coatings – Mostly used to cover and protect SPF roofs, due to its permeability

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